Ratings based on type of episode

This is an abbreviated version of  a statistics project I did for class.

For my statistics project last semester we were able to pick any data set we wanted (pending professor approval) and found interesting. Was hilarious when all three of the Education graduate students did the same topic. I decided to use the ratings of survivor episodes and was surprised by what I found.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always assumed that premiers and finales have higher ratings that the rest of the season.


Little visual difference between group means.

But apparently not. The visual is backed up by a simple one-way ANOVA analysis, which gives a p-value of .085 and thus does not provide statistically evidence for a difference based on episode type. This was actually not my original question, but surprised me quite a bit.

I’m curious to see if this is true for other shows as well, or maybe this is caused by of some aspect of Survivor.


Hello World

I am not a big computer person but I do enjoy the tradition they started (the first program you write simply prints “Hello world!” to the screen) and it looks like it may be common in the blog-sphere as well.
I’ve received various suggestions to expand my online presence in hopes that it’ll come in handy when job searching, I’ve decided to go ahead and give it a try. Hopefully this will give me an excuse to further explore topics I find interesting – television and statistics – while improving my abysmal writing skills.

A bit about me: I have always enjoyed television, both as entertainment and art. And thanks to a teacher’s attention in high school, I learned the power of statistics and enjoy delving into big data. While I love being on set with production, I hope to someday be able to help others share their stories with the world from a development position.

I am currently a junior in university studying Film & Media Arts, Statistics, and Economics.