Hello World

I am not a big computer person but I do enjoy the tradition they started (the first program you write simply prints “Hello world!” to the screen) and it looks like it may be common in the blog-sphere as well.
I’ve received various suggestions to expand my online presence in hopes that it’ll come in handy when job searching, I’ve decided to go ahead and give it a try. Hopefully this will give me an excuse to further explore topics I find interesting – television and statistics – while improving my abysmal writing skills.

A bit about me: I have always enjoyed television, both as entertainment and art. And thanks to a teacher’s attention in high school, I learned the power of statistics and enjoy delving into big data. While I love being on set with production, I hope to someday be able to help others share their stories with the world from a development position.

I am currently a junior in university studying Film & Media Arts, Statistics, and Economics.